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Briquetting Plant

We work collected towards inventive style for renewable energy. Our original briquetting machines tools promote transforming organic agro discarde into biomass briquettes.

Our firm - Stimulating Renovational energy since last twenty one years. we have a tendency to convey the repercussion advanced and welcome you to our Briquettes machine web site. orienting our business with the globe we have a tendency to ar increasing internationally. Rising high on the success tide and moving with a firm belief within the way forward for renewable energy.

We are using the best technology and our Briquettes machine are designed with well-appointed technology and able to grind any type of raw-material into briquettes.

Our chief motto is consumer satisfaction and we are always ready to resolve their query and problems. Our technical group is experienced so they are enough able to solve technical mistake.

We are helps you with this goal by supplying high quality briquetting machines. The company deals in a wide range of machines with varied production capacities.

Brief information about company

Today, we tend to square measure the foremost outstanding producers of Briquetting plants in Asian country. we tend to were erst producers of Ram sort Briquetting press that operated either pneumatically or automatically. Later we tend to expanded our assortment of product by adopting varied new techniques and technology.

Below the well-built headship of Mr. Sanjay Tilala a dream began to prosper. Since the past decade, our company descriptor as J.K. BRIQUETTING PRESS has become renowned leader in the industry of briquettes machine. With the constant watch of expert technicians and administrator are manufactures best-in-class briquettes machines, which are donated in India and international as well. The company is generally expand for its briquetting machine, which was firstly lunched by us in the city of Rajkot in Gujarat, in the year 1994.

Engineer's competence in the field of Asia Briquette Machine guide to manufacture of best quality Briquettes machines by satisfying customer's requirement through inexpensive and cost-efficient Briquetting Machine. Being a pioneer manufacturer, we provide customized Jumbo BRQ 9075 and Super 65 model for correlated high and medium production proportion.

The fundamental concept behind Bio briquette is substance from squander. This Biomass Briquetting Plant makes briquettes which can be used as a bio fuel and are eco friendly and save worthy foreign exchange. The majority of Briquettes Machine parts are manufactured at our manufacturing plant with the outstanding quality control and unceasing administration.

Company has engaged large team of well experienced engineers and supervisors to keep constant watch on each and every stage of production.

It is our company's policy to strive continuously for customer's satisfaction through quality, on time delivery and competitive prices.

briquettes machine

What is Briquetting Plant:

Briquetting plant is an eco friendly automation to convert numerous remainder like agroforestry. so no need for any binder or chemical. Bio-briquettes square measure replacement to non renewable impression fuels and may be employed in numerous producing enterprise like kilns, furnaces and boilers. eco-friendly bio-briquettes square measure pollution free and additionally contribute to greener background that save respected external exchange.

The expression beyond bio-briquettes is Wealth from Waste. Briquetting plant converts agriculture residues into solid bio-fuel. For farmers to earn money from waste, briquetting press is the promising substitute for green energy production. The model "JUMBO-BRQ-9075" works on the popular idea of band less technology.

welfare of situation up your personal Briquettes Plant:

  • Briquetting plant manufacture infinite energy. So it secure origin of non-conventional energy.
  • Environment friendly, easy convenience and renewable source of power.
  • Differentiate to fossil fuels, bio-briquettes are less costly.
  • Higher opportunity as it can work repeatedly and still suffer low cost.
  • Pollution free environment as it is self-governing from sulfur.
  • Higher boiler effectiveness as a result of low dampness and positive solidity.
  • Minimize shipping cost.
  • Moreover meaningful principal is easy to parcel and store and therefore sanitary to manage.

Briquettes Machine Supplier in Gujarat Since it yields a huge quantity of briquettes in a single batch, it offers the advantage of least operating expense in comparison to other models. It has completely enclosed main body for preventing dust.
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