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Our Products

Super 65 Briquettes Machine

Super 65 Model is designed by our expert professionals so as to offer very high performance. We manufacture our machines using premium quality raw-material, employing the best process available so far. Hence the quality as well as the durability of the machine is guaranteed. This robust model is perfect for those opt for medium productivity with least amount of initial investment. It has many positive aspects such as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness & least maintenance etc.

Supreme 75 Briquetting machine

This model is an enhanced version of our previous model and so offers much more productivity than our Super 65 model. Still it requires a very less investment then our Jumbo-90 Model, which is a bigger model than this Supreme75 model. This briquetting machine takes in only powdered material to make briquettes, hence it necessitates a powdering accessory. A hammer mill is provided with this model.

Briquettes Plant FOr Powder Making Unit

As the name suggests powder making unit is meant for powdering the raw materials of briquettes or bio-coal. This machine is a very robust and operates flawlessly with a very excellent speed. This is an important accessory for our SUPER-65 and SUPREME-75 models

Jumbo Briquette Machine Plant

Our Jumbo BRQ 9075 Model is one of the highly demanded briquetting machines in India. This model as the name suggests offers very high output. It has production capacity of 1200 to 1800 kg/hour with a variety of feed materials. Since it yields a huge quantity of briquettes in a single batch, it offers the advantage of least operating expense in comparison to other models. It has completely enclosed main body for preventing Dust.


Briquette Machine Plant

We manufacture very high quality Crusher Cum Shredder, which is a vital accessory of briquetting plant models we offer. We use finest quality raw materials to fabricate this machine, hence is very durable.

Turbo Dryer Machine

It is a dehydrating machine and is specifically used to evaporate the excess of moisture present in the raw-material for making briquettes. Ideally briquetting raw-materials should not have more than 45% of moisture. Certain raw-materials used for briquetting such as leaves, twigs of plants have very high amount of moisture and are hard to process.

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