Crusher Cum Shredder

We manufacture very high quality Crusher Cum Shredder, which is a vital accessory of briquetting plant models we offer. We use finest quality raw materials to fabricate this machine, hence is very durable.

This machine cuts, chops, shreds the raw-material that needs to be fed to the briquetting plants for briquetting. This machine has a very powerful motor that facilitates fast operations in a very effective way.  A very sharp and hard chipping blades made up of alloy steel is present in this machine. It also has sharp and robust freely swinging reversible shredding knives. These blades and knives function powerfully and proficiently chop off and shred the raw-materials in to size of 3 inches. It has a large loading hopper. This machine can be connected and mounted easily to the tractor, to facilitate easy operations.

This excellently operating equipment is very rapid. It takes no time to shred a variety of raw-materials such as stalks of plants, wooden pieces, barks of trees, the shells of groundnuts, mustard, castor and coconut etc. It is very lucrative and consumes very reasonable amount of energy to operate.

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Electric Motor 30 HP
Production Capacity 2 to 2.5 Ton / Hr
Feeding Raw Material Up to 3” Diameter
Output size 10 mm
Motor Base Plate Attachment
Tractor driven wit PTO shaft attachment88.5 HP / 66.37 KW

Features of our Crusher Cum Shredder Model

  • Very powerful motor
  • Very strong and sturdy machine
  • Powerful and hard blades & knifes
  • Can handle a variety of raw-materials irrespective of their hardness
  • Fast-operations
  • Time-saving


  • Consumes reasonable amount of energy
  • very lucrative
  • trouble-free and reliable operations
  • user-friendly
  • be connected and mounted easily to the tractor
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